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  1. Guilherme Pimentel

    Dear Mr. Koppany,
    I am a chemical engineering student doing my masters in applied thermodynamic. I am interested in solving solid deposition problems in distillation towers, mainly NH4Cl in the overhead condensers.
    I found your paper and it has been very helpful. Thank you for that!
    I want to ask you about figures 9 and 10. You said figure 9 was built based on references 15 and 16. I have read both articles and I couldn´t figutre out how you built it. Reference 15 (Lin, Y.R. and Crynes, B.L., OGJ, Nov. 28, 1983, Page 111.) is all about NH4HS (with no data regarding NH4Cl). Reference 16 (Chem. Phys., Vol. 12, No. 7, 1944, Page 318.) shows values for dF and dS as a funciton of T. Did you use them to built figure 9? I expected a table with values of K (pNH4*pHCl) x T (as in reference 15 for NH4HS).
    Guilherme Pimentel


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