End Times Prophecy

Introduction To A Series Of Adult Sunday School Lessons On End Times Prophecy


This paper served as an introduction to a series of adult Sunday school lessons on end times prophecy that was taught at Sunrise Community Church (Temple City, CA-USA) in May of 2008.

The key role of the nation of Israel as well as the significance of Biblical mysteries and dispensations to end times prophecy were discussed.  Of critical importance to the treatment of end times prophecy are the 70 Weeks of Daniel and the 7-year Tribulation period – sometimes referred to as the 70th week of Daniel itself.

The following time-line shows the chronological sequence of the ages or events that are required for the proper understanding of ET prophecy.

Eternity ……. Age of ……. Age of ……. Age of the ……. Age of …….. Age of ……. Eternity
Past              Gentiles       the Jews       Church              Jews           Christ            Future                                                                                                        (Cont.-)        (Mill.)
.                                                                                            (Trib.)*

* The 70th Week of Daniel.

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